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"Whatungarongaro te tangata, toituu te whenua"

- as man disappears from sight, the land remains



Photography is also another one of my passions and am particularly interested in exploring our relationship to the whenua (land) and our role as katiaki (caregivers).

Quoted from :

 "B  O  R  N  O  F  T  H  E  M  I  S  T

is the creative moniker used by Timothy Firkin and refers to one origin story, popularized by the ethnographer Eldon Best, of his Iwi (Maori tribe), Ngai Tuhoe which speaks of a direct genealogy back to the land where Tuhoe people descended from a meeting between the mist, and the mountains. Tuhoe people also bear the sobriquet Nga Tamariki o te Kohu ("the children of the mist").


The concept that all creative output also arises from a sort of meeting between the 'mist' and that which is perceived through the six senses; forms the basis of his creative style."

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