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I first ignited my passion for purpose driven filmmaking while taking on a role as a Camera Operator on two series of an international wildlife conservation series set in Costa Rica, and South East Asia called "The Operatives" which saw me, alongside a team of ex-special forces personnel, rappelling out of helicopters, chasing armed illegal goldminers through the rainforest, and breaking dolphins out of captivity in Indonesia to name a few.​

THE OPERATIVES Season 1 and 2

From there I found my calling at home in Aotearoa working for an indigenous language Docuseries called "Waka Huia" as a Senior Video Editor (the craft which has served as the back bone of my filmmaking skillset). This re-connected me to part of my own ancestry and ignited a strong vison, purpose and desire to share stories from an indigenous perspective. I now have an ongoing relationship with this show as a DOP, whilst also pursuing my own projects - the most recent of which is a feature documentary shot over a 4 month period in the jungles of Peru and is centered around the Shipibo people and their ineffably deep wisdom tradition. This project is currently in the final stages of post production with a release set for mid 2022.

SAMA - Diet of the Soul (in production)

I am interested in working with Directors, Producers that share a similar vision and my hope is to use my skills to enrich purpose driven projects while allowing me to channel my passion for the craft of cinematography.

I have a strong eye for detail and ability to bring forth the emotional language of a story through the subtleties of capturing the human condition in all its complexity, beauty and depth.

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